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D.P. Ford 

"Recent Notable Artworks"

Live Visuals for Eartheater, VIVID SYDNEY '23.

VR sculpted models textured and animated in an audio-reactive environment in Unreal Engine.

VIVID SYDNEY '23 Creative Direction for Wavyland

Creative Direction for Wavyland at VIVID '23

Creative Direction and Design for promotional assets, merchandise and VR sculpted artwork for Wavyland at Metro Theatre, 2023. Artists included Eartheater, Debby Friday, Varg2tm, C.FRIM & more.

Von Bikräv & Paul Seul (Casual Gabberz) Australia Tour

Visual Identity and Design

3D animation, poster design and VR sculpted artwork.

Group Exhibition

Taichung Break Off Art Book Fair, Taiwan 2022

“Soul Siphon” A1 sized print for exhibition, edition of 15.